Sometimes words aren’t enough…

so god made cartoons.

Hold up,

who’s Carl?

What’s worse than being stuck in the underworld?

Having to do the paperwork for it.

Carl’s in the family business. He doesn’t have a glorious job like his cousin Grim. He handles all the paperwork for the newly deceased. Answering all the asinine questions, detailing the fine print, and getting the newly departed and confused souls to just freaking sign the bottom of the contract and get on their way so he can get back to watching his latest Netflix binge.

But it’s Carl’s job and he’s gonna do it. (But that doesn’t mean he has to like it.) He’d rather be scribbling notes about his day-dream of a screenplay in his little black Moleskine notebook (like all the artsy-fartsy-intellectual bunch do.)

And he’ll tell ya that his job isn’t all bad…he did get to meet Elvis. And Cleopatra. So there’s that.

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